In Gundolf’s session for gbl 101 faculty, he played he ted adichie”the Danger of a Single Story” 

compare her story to Dr. T rin min ha–ideas of authoritarian voice , colonial story telling (assumption of narrator as ceentral, telling the story of “others”), here are the natives doing such and such, see how they blah blah blah (reference to the film) [speaking nearby]

John Locke’s story about africa (beasts)

Kippling: half devil/half child

The beginning of western story, single story of Africa / African


(like the slope of domestic abuse–s/he begins to think she is stupid/ugly/careless etc…no one refutes it, reality is skewed)

(Like trump’s stampede on hilary, bengazi, immigration, the border, biden’s age…)

(SIMPLIFICATION of things/people)

ADD TO THIS the problem with attention (Stolen Focus)

Stories are about power

ability to make is the definitive story of THE OTHER

Start the story of America with xxx instead of conflict with the british

american psycho: “such a shame that younger americans are serial murderers”

to insist on only negative stories is to flatten me


alice walker: regain paradise

What is feminism?

Chemamanda Adichie

I don’t want you to eat my dog.

outline to flesh out:
“kinesthetic kelsea”–add an adjective to remember name

Liz: fearless dialogue/pastoral dialogue

life: looking to partner w/non profits for career development

reentry is a tough part

Poncho’s idea: “returning citizens” former inmates make good neighbors; keep up their lawns; check in with the elderly. you only hear about the bad ones, but returning citizens know how to live in community

Builders/contractors hire re entrees, then reentries “rent to own” the houses they build. Live in community til they get on their feet, build credit, live w/others who mentor them

need relationships that form while they’re in, and last as they transition and re enter. (they got nothing, often a family that can’t or won’t support them, or one that they might be best not going back to, new start)

Pat Schneider (look up)

Allison’t comics: bitch planet (NC); kelly Sue Deconnick

Revival: Mike Norton/time sealey

alison: “I like everything about your face–your eyes, your glasses, your hair”

slavery by any other name (convict leasing) instead of prisons, and vigilante justice

history of prisons: all reforms followed by yuck

comissary whores


gloria parks : I love you for your net bag

Michele alexander: the new jim crow

brian stephenson: just mercy

Can TGC have a graduate student lead or partner who is in the Data visualization grad school? Is this a good idea?

Encourage the students who are learning the technology that they ARE technologists. Do this from the start. As first years come in and learn wordpress, word, presentation software, discipline specific software etc, that they are the ones in charge.

Invest in self-confidence. There isn’t someone else who “knows all” but consdier crowd sourcing as a mode of operation (forever) and that each person must adopt the identity of knowing, finding, using the technology they use as WHO they are.

It’s not “someone else’s job”.

Own it. Take responsibility for it.


Studio Museum in Harlem
“What’s up Painter”–Jordan living and working in Harlem, paints her community. So they know her, and talk to her when they see her on the street.

Kite man: Jordan saw him from the window, went out and made his acquaintance, then saw him at Penn station “you’re Kevin” , hug

Coloring book: “color”

Read: The Rise, Sarah Lewis

Jordan has a critical dialogue partner (Isolde Brittemeyer), helps her strategize

ON agnes: “My mom walked me into the doors of Agnes and said: Your faculty and advisors are great, but the people who you need to get to know are the people who cook your food and clean your halls. The people dedicated to this place with their sweat and tears.”

“Ms. Betty would cook me Sunday dinners and invite me to her house”

difference between working toward the goal (ambition) and being authentic and open

New York by hand: do not exit through the gift shop. Slow NY.
no photos–drawing
maps–not phones
slow tripping, slow travel

slow looking: slow food/local
wpa posters, propaganda

Natural History Museum

artifact heavy, but it’s about the STORY. The show on gems has no specimen. What’s a museum without objects?

No object, but quality of science. Sound bleeds, light filters, fiber — off the roll top roll of plywood

live demonstrations in My Body. Engaging actor with white coat. “she’s a ham”

graphic design/media design/interactive design

installation: 60 staff; 200 scientists, 60 curators!

What is an object? Legitimacy for telling the story. a vehicle.

must see: museum of north american animals: live things lose their value once taxidermed. “study skin”


dinasaur bones are hollow so fossils collapse, look like mud

Transgender documentary: “explainers”; almost like special messengers