Month: August 2020

Stories are about power. The single story–comforts us?

In Gundolf’s session for gbl 101 faculty, he played he ted adichie”the Danger of a Single Story”  compare her story to Dr. T rin min ha–ideas of authoritarian voice , colonial story telling (assumption of narrator as ceentral, telling the story of “others”), here are the natives doing such and such, see how they blah […]

first day at Arrendale

outline to flesh out: “kinesthetic kelsea”–add an adjective to remember name Liz: fearless dialogue/pastoral dialogue life: looking to partner w/non profits for career development reentry is a tough part Poncho’s idea: “returning citizens” former inmates make good neighbors; keep up their lawns; check in with the elderly. you only hear about the bad ones, but […]