first day at Arrendale

first day at Arrendale

outline to flesh out:
“kinesthetic kelsea”–add an adjective to remember name

Liz: fearless dialogue/pastoral dialogue

life: looking to partner w/non profits for career development

reentry is a tough part

Poncho’s idea: “returning citizens” former inmates make good neighbors; keep up their lawns; check in with the elderly. you only hear about the bad ones, but returning citizens know how to live in community

Builders/contractors hire re entrees, then reentries “rent to own” the houses they build. Live in community til they get on their feet, build credit, live w/others who mentor them

need relationships that form while they’re in, and last as they transition and re enter. (they got nothing, often a family that can’t or won’t support them, or one that they might be best not going back to, new start)

Pat Schneider (look up)

Allison’t comics: bitch planet (NC); kelly Sue Deconnick

Revival: Mike Norton/time sealey

alison: “I like everything about your face–your eyes, your glasses, your hair”

slavery by any other name (convict leasing) instead of prisons, and vigilante justice

history of prisons: all reforms followed by yuck

comissary whores


gloria parks : I love you for your net bag

Michele alexander: the new jim crow

brian stephenson: just mercy

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