To do (thinking notes)


Things to spend time on & to find out about:

In my stuckness: Look at sketchbooks and ideas–what persists? What’s relevant now?

A page for artists that inspire me (this is a category, then the artist is a tag) (gather from a category?)

Explicate and include projects or yore–community
(the kite project in freedom park/knitting etc,) and colleagues (complex mammal) and other, art projects (with Andre etc.); the trees project!

My personal art work, philosophy, and a gallery–migrate from

Towers of babble idea?

My teaching pages, links to classes, links to uber info, like what is expected from 421s every year, no matter what (and links–or better downloaded excerpts or sites–to good examples)

What about the art blog? Should that go under my pages?
update this!!

Write about current events in the art department, could that be a tag/category? Could/should there be a common place where all art people/students/staff can write? where should that live? ON the gallery page? on the department page?

Ideas i have–tag with “college” “art” “community” etc.

Everyday markings–what are the significant ideas that stick out in my mind?
REFLECTIONS EVERY DAY? or reflections every 2 days, be disciplined about this.

Questions I have — like what I want to be when I grow up

What I want to explore

Projects I want to work on, learn about

(ie: tufte and data visualization; creating digital story telling with Calvin and Ed; design thinking; images/imaging across the curriculum, what are the basic building blocks of how we see and how we show; showing thinking as a philosophy and a fact)

Sketchbooks sketching, how we have ideas, the importance of a mess

My own approach and process–write on this, the uselessness of perfection, the boringness of simply manufacturing an idea and the glory and sublime process of making as a response to the marks, atmosphere, time and circumstance in which you are working

How does one get things recognized on the search engines? (Have tutors think about search and site optimization)

Learn about analytics

tutors think about accessibility, what are best practices? What are the very least I should do?

Blogs in particular categories?–creativity; mental health; pedagaogy; digital pedagogy

PAR as tags and categories, OR could the resume itself link to the reflection? Does one drive the other, or both exist? (post a CV, link to the “reflection” of the event–ie Lagrange presentation or AP grading as a line, with a link. The link isn’t to an explanation–or maybe includes an explanation–but talks about the value of that thing, for the discipline, for me, and ultimately tells me why that info is important to me. Why did I do it? would I do it again? Is tehre some action I should take to make more sense of it? The MOntreal Visual LIteracy conference right now sits in a notebook full of ideas, and that is it. There it shall sit…full of potential. Like my sketchbooks? How do I actualize these? Or at least create the opportunity for their actualization?


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