A Western Trip in Clouds and Trees

The chaotic scramble and scumble of tree limbs against the ephemeral drama of clouds: I am in love with this sky. Abstract visual forms, at once complicated and simple. Scratchy and sticky and hard against vast soft ethereal ever-changing light .

I find the scenes urgent, and I pull the car over ot the shoulder like a mad lady. I want to eat the landscape!

These images are from roadside stops in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, (and one Van Gogh from the Nelson Atkins museum in Kansas City). I think of Monet’s haystacks–the light changes everything second by second, especially as the sun sets. Time completely changes the sense of space. Every moment causes me to compose another documentary image. I’m making terrible road time in productive terms (how far did I get today? uh, well, 45 miles…), but in another sense, I’m making very good time.

3 replies on “A Western Trip in Clouds and Trees”

  1. Joanie Dutrisac on

    Have had so much fun following your adventures and LOVE the photos….I also love tress and clouds, plus bird chirps…only wish I had the Artistic ability to paint the thoughts. I’m into designing a needlepoint pillow for my daughter, and then stitching….my passion!! Your Mom and daughter are so good artistically, but have never seen anything you’ve done…would love to. Safe travels and keep us all informed!!

  2. mary on

    You are having a truly visionary sabbatical leave.
    These shots excite me beyond reason.

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