My Money Where My Mouth Is: A Digital Vita (foregrounding process)

Idea: Annual Faculty Professional Activity Report: do what we are asking students to do. Use the digital portfolio to mechanize professional reflection in the categories upon which we are evaluated: Teaching, Scholarship, Service Each category links to a page (easily Read more ›

The idea of Second Circle (a theatre term for presence)

“aha” moments as they come– Patsy Rodenburg’s notion of Second Circle. Rodenburg (respected voice teacher of actors like Judy Dench) discusses the idea that one must not misuse dismiss, misplace or abuse personal power. She says this idea is central to every Read more ›

On Slow Looking

(could this be interdisciplinary? slow listening? sitting still? listening?) Watch Brian Kennedy on Why we need Visual Literacy Watch Brian Kennedy on Toledo Museum site: What is Visual Literacy Clifford Geertz The Story of the Wink Blind Contour Exercise Toledo museum Read more ›

To do (thinking notes)

Things to spend time on & to find out about: In my stuckness: Look at sketchbooks and ideas–what persists? What’s relevant now? A page for artists that inspire me (this is a category, then the artist is a tag) (gather from a category?) Explicate Read more ›