Titles (to read)

I’m adding this list of essential reads for adults on feminism from the New York Public Library so I have it securely pinned to my. website. I’ll annotate as I read.

I expected. that I would have already read a bunch of these, but i have not, so I have some reading to do.

the ones I have read:

In seventh grade I had a copy of Our Bodies Ourselves –The Boston Women’s Health Collective. (My mother, a feminist, gave it to me. It was oversized and printed on newsprint–probably both inexpensive and ecological. It was my information book about my body and how bodies realted to the world, way before there were so many books about women’s bodies in the world. I t was a treasure to me. I took it to school one day, and a fellow student, seeing naked bodies in it, tried to shame me “Oooh, she got a book with naked ladies in it!” she loudly exclaimed. I remember it well–she said it to get all eyes on it. And she did get all eyes on it, and me, and I blushed, as was my horrible habit. (My childhood wish was to remove my blush. As a light skinned, shy child my red was frequent and spectacular.) She got the attention of Mrs. Melechen, who came over and exclaimed, “This is NOT a dirty book” and started to sing its praises.

That was a good day. I loved Mrs. Melechen. She also told me I had a gift for writing. She was one of my real teachers.

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