innovation space / risk lab / creative commons

(a working idea)

A space dedicated to creative activity
designed and maintained by and for students

Floor Plan

A central location for inventing, crafting, visiting, communing and making.


Alston hub (former book store)

  • furniture
  • tables
  • works areas
  • work benches
  • seating
  • storage
  • shelving
  • tools (appropriate to area)


3d invention

  • 3d printer
  • computer with 3d software
  • workbench
  • spool/materials cabinet


  • industrial machine
  • sundries
  • thread
  • material

Crochet / Knit / Sew (needle arts)

  • needles
  • hooks
  • yarn
  • Collage
  • magazines
  • tables
  • shelves

Collage / Stickers / Buttons and Open

  • paper
  • markers etc.
  • paints/pencils
  • paper cutter
  • supplies

Industrial / wood / building

  • [Ground floor Dana]
  • (CNC routing; wood working etc.)

student advising board
{need students who

  • craft and invent
  • manage
  • interested in sustainability
  • interested in social equity
  • interested in business
  • interested in marketing


Ongoing workshops Saturdays led by students, alumnae, community members, according to student interest

Possible workshops:

  • Handcrafting Letterforms
  • Reading Floor Plans
  • Knit One Pearl Two
  • The Art of Collage
  • Mounting Techniques
  • Hanging Wallpaper
  • Designing Wallpaper
  • Printing Chachkas
  • Making paper
  • jewelry making
  • sign making


  • Find students for governing board–application process. advertise in Irvine and student life
  • Research local existing maker spaces — Decatur and West End and GA Tech, what are essentials? What is a smart way to phase building? What is feasible?
  • Discuss shop exchange/mentorships/internships with Charis partners
  • possibilities for interns: social justice; info media; marketing; business; eco growth; entrepreneurship; community liaison; programming chair; advertising and design; building
  • Programming — who makes stuff that they could teach others? (survey form)
  • Alumnae interest–who makes stuff they could teach others? (survey form)


  • WATER build out: slop sink for water–washing and dying etc.
    water hook up in east side — this wall connects to Mollie’s wall of dishwasher, piping in will be straightforward (who will plumb? How to get an estimate?)
  • build system for securing machines that must be personned
  • plan site layout
  • paint all — white walls and indigo/grey shelving
  • splash pop above designated areas
  • furniture {what do we already have?!}
  • key card reader
  • build out heavy duty storage

Phase the work. Begin with basics, set up a system of students and point faculty and staff to iteratively build and respond to need as it comes up.


  • Student run system, with oversight.
  • Machines and sensitive equipment (ie industrial sewing machine) must be used under the supervision of someone who has been trained to run them responsibly and has the ability to teach the use of the machine (for security of users and for machine maintenance).
  • Machines and space need daily maintenance and care and clean up.
  • Can this be student workers? DEVELOP STUDENT WORKER DESCRIPTIONS
  • Design an iterative working social system for the group that builds in regular input and update/upkeep from student input and reasoned thinking. Cast a wide net. Keep a broad view–how do we continually welcome and teach? Write a mission. Do we need designated welcomers?

Make swag? Be our own sweat shop?
(sweet shop vs. sweat shop…make your own swag…also make personal funky Etsy type swag for visitors to buy. Make the space into an experience. Be the hub, the display of what our community can be}
{consider: STEAM plant as stem plus A for bookstore and coffee shop; use of space as economics / business place to use as curricular base; outreach to community; ; line walls with books, central performance space/coffee and tea and snacks hangout);
student offered consumer/community services (selling at student prices) ie: design services; web services; digital training; electronics help;
Professional student skills

What about: learning through design and making; writers’ studio tiny houses (off grid–use gym for showers and dining hall for meals) off grid for writers and makers [retreat space?] collaborate with GA tech (as in Rural Studio) students to realize actual building project (in space near retention pond or on E. Davis street); Can we learn by doing and making for improvements on campus? Ie, perimeter walking/running trail that circumvents the campus; build a rock fence around the retention pond (learn masonry from the woman mason in winona park); form a beautiful cascade of water / waterfall from the existing creek entrance into the retention pond; build “grown up” play equipment that is exercise equipment around the pond. Use the pond as a water feature; build a screened in acoustic gazebo in the space between track and pond (a response / echo of the gazebo in Main quad)

Possible Work study jobs:

  • Maker space stewards (2-4)
    maintain, clean, restore, inventory and teach in maker space
  • Free store Maker
    design and maintain online ASC Free Store: inventory; store; create an online QR code catalog; gently used swag and other clothing; refrigerators; cleaning supplies; vacuums, text books etc. QR code incoming and available, and pick up at scheduled time (not a browsing store); plan storage
  • Digital Hand: Blog and newsletter; social media expression; , student run. Every item gets photographed, assigned a QR and uploaded to the free store catalog. Items stored in back of book store storage; inventory and procurement

Immediate Needs:

  • Build out sturdy shelving in locked storage in back of book store. Industrial shelving, all the way to the ceiling (ladder for access in storage and in front of store)
  • paint estimate; Paint asap
  • plumbing build out–estimate and build out
  • cost out basics for furniture and designated space needs (what is available as furniture?)
  • procure machine, tools and basics

additional needs (not related to innovation lab)

  • snacks and personal necessities (recommendation: vending)
  • swag (recommend: advertise and tour ends at Charis)
  • DIY swag (see Charis and commission)
  • free library / book exchange [text books w/free store?]
  • Free store; opportunity for storage and QR documenting and coding

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